WWE SmackKDown LIVE: Paige is now the new SmackDown General Manager

Shane McMahon opened up the post-WrestleMania edition of SmackDown on Tuesday. The commissioner first thanked all of the fans on behalf of the company for being a part of WrestleMania week and making it a huge success. He added that while he loves all of his Mania appearances, this one was extra special because we got to see the return of Bryan, which drew a large "YES!" chant from the audience in New Orleans. McMahon then went on to reveal that because of Bryan's return to full-time duty, he has graciously accepted his general manager's resignation.

That being the case, McMahon announced to us all the new general manager of SmackDown, Taking over for Bryan is none other than Paige, who just 24 hours earlier was forced to deliver an emotional retirement speech on Raw. After thanking McMahon for the new position, Paige said she wanted to make her first night on the job extra special for everyone. Her first order of business as the SmackDown GM was to give Bryan his first match back on television -- and that match will be against WWE champion AJ Styles.

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