How do I map out unhosted blogspot account to my domain on whogohost?

Mapping your domain to your blogger account be prepared with or without a hosting account. To pull off this without a hosting account, your domain nameservers necessity promontory to our failure to pay nameservers ( and You may visit here and keep an eye on the steps on
how to form the changes. when it is done, prefer track the steps below-

1.Log into your Blogger account,

2.Click on the name of your blog you wish to map a domain to:

3.Then click on the Settings tab and choose Basic:

4.In the Publishing section, click on the link '+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog' to add a custom domain:

5.Type the URL of the domain you've purchased,

keeping in mind that it must begin with www Input the domain name and click on the Save button
Once the page refreshes, you will see two CNAME records which should be created in your domain’s Host records: For example
``` www
abcdx3lllzz ```

4.Login to your client area and Click on Domains Click on Manage DNS

5.Click on Add new Zone Input your domain name without www in the space for Zone

6. Input this IP address ( in the space for IP.

7.Click on the Edit Icon and ensure www.your domain name points to and click on save.

8.Scroll up an click on add record Copy and paste the shorter token in the first space. This (abcdx3lllzz ) is a sample of the short token.

9.Then Click on the drop down and choose CNAME as your record type.

10.The TTL remains 14400. Then copy and paste the longer token ( in the RDATA
Click on Add record.

11. You will need to wait for about an hour for the DNS changes to be updated. Then go back to your blogger account and click on SAVE on your Basic tab.

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