mechanical issues reported at Ontario polling stations..

In an emailed account to CP24 on Thursday, the outmoded elections intervention acknowledged nearby arrange been gossip of professional issues at a “few voting locations,” but believed that 99.5 apiece cent of the technology-enabled stations encompass been in use successfully.

They did not classify how several locations or which ones produce been affected.

In a originator for the province, Ontario has
introduced the operation of “e-Poll books” and “vote tabulators” diplomacy at its polling stations. The new e-Poll tome is a digital catalog anticipated to trade newspaper lists with voters’ names and in sequence bit the show of hands tabulator tallies ballots electronically.

The technology is projected to speediness up the voting and ballot-counting process, Elections Ontario believed last few month.

However, nearby declare been news of stretched row ups forming at a number of polling stations on Thursday looked-for to evils with the electronic devices.

One Toronto voter told CP24 that he wasn’t bright to secret ballot at Our female of Fatima Elementary instruct on St. Clair possibility on Thursday morning as recruits were incapable to stumble on his first name in the e-Poll book.

Others took to collective media to exact their frustration with the new voting process.

In the aftermath of a official problem, Elections Canada assumed interview officials grasp been educated to revert to the fixed rag procedure of voting.

“This includes by means of a essay catalog of electors, anywhere the opinion poll sanctioned will manually strike-off the member of the electorate who has voted and will manually inform a tabloid imitation to recognize the strike-offs,” speaker Cara Des Granges understood in the statement.

Polls opened at 9 a.m. and are predictable to finish at 9 p.m. on Thursday.

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