Stanford africa MBA fellowship, Apply here!

Application deadline - 10th January, 2019

The Stanford Africa MBA club syllabus covers schooling fees and connected fees for citizens of African countries with fiscal ought who inclination to get an MBA at
Stanford GSB. Six Stanford Africa MBA are offered annually.


Coverage of gorged guidance fees and linked fees (approx. US $170,000) For folks who are applying and receive fewer than US$20,000, the Stanford group discipline of production Admissions will ignore your single-mindedness fee.


You have to be a national of an African country. Dual citizens are eligible for the association as stretched as you command nationality in an African nation.You have to arrange completed, or be in the finishing day of completing, your ivory tower studies. If you calculated at an apprentice or classify society in Africa, we principally further you to bear in mind applying for the Stanford Africa MBA companionship Program.African citizens who deliberate in countries outside of Africa are additionally eligible for the fellowship.

Eligible Regions - African Countries

Apply through this link here

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